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History & Photos

Landmark Of The Chain Since 1938

Steitz's has a long history in the Chain O' Lakes region.  My grandparents John and Elsie Steitz first opened the doors for business in 1938.  My father, John L. Steitz II, was an active member of the Lakes Region Historical Society (LRHS) and helped to preserve historical data for future generations.  To that end, Steitz's is proud to present a compilation of photos from both our historical family collection and from various events held at Steitz's over the years.  Some of the historical photos can also be found at the LRHS, along with interesting information about the region.  Check out the video below and, who knows, maybe you might see yourself!  If you have a nice, funny or interesting photo/video taken at Steitz's that you'd like to share, email it to  Offensive or inappropriate photos will not be accepted.  Enjoy the show!


John L. Steitz III

Steitz's Throughout History - Video

Toboggan Slide has Officially Retired

In operation since 1940, our toboggan slide is the oldest registered in the state of Illinois.  It was great old-fashioned fun for everyone!  The Lake County Sun News has a great article about our toboggan slide that you can read.


The Steitz family credits their business's longevity to great family, friends, and customers.  Your support and patronage over the years has sustained our family and our livelihood.  The treasured memories created over generations is our heritage.  It is with fondness that I acknowledge some special people who have been instrumental in both the business and my personal life. 

My Grandparents and parents gave their blood, sweat and tears to this place; I honor each of them by doing the same.  My dear departed friend Andy Trudeau became my mentor and gave me guidance when I started running Steitz's.  Erwin Gaa, a retired restauranteur, for his knowledge and experience to help me make Steitz's restaurant what I want it to be.  Most of all, I thank my family and friends for their support over the years to help me make Steitz's the place to be on the Chain.  -   John L. Steitz III          

Here's some "Did ya know...?" facts about 1938:
  • U.S. economy was in a terrible recession

  • Unemployment was at 19%

  • Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was President and enacted the New Deal for economic recovery

  • Adolf Hitler ruled Germany & Benito Mussolini ruled Italy

  • Munich Pact was signed giving Czechoslovakia to Nazis

  • Winston Churchill demands armed force against Hitler

  • Richard Whitney (president of the NYSE & partner in JP Morgan) is sentenced to Sing Sing for grand larceny

  • World War II officially started in 1939

  • Orson Wells' broadcast War Of The Worlds caused hysteria

  • Joe Louis became heavyweight boxing champion of the world

  • Fannie Mae is established

  • Howard Hughs sets Round the World Record

  • The March of Dimes is created

  • Passage of the Natural Gas Act of 1938 is first instance of federal regulation of the natural gas industry

  • Minimum wage is established

  • Meteor weighing 450 metric tons hit Pennsylvania (Yikes!)

  • Action Comics debuts Superman

  • Looney Toons introduces us to Bugs Bunny, Porky the Pig, and Daffy Duck

  • Disney's top grossing movie is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney star in Boys Town

  • Bette Davis raised eyebrows in Jezebel

  • Evel Knievel, Ted Turner, Kenny Rogers, Bernie Madoff, and Manuel Noriega (what a combo!) were born in 1938

  • Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia

  • Steam locomotive sets a new speed record

  • Invention of the ball point pen, teflon, freeze-dried coffee, the photocopier, and nylon

  • Average cost of a new house is $3900

  • Average wage was $1730 per year

  • A gallon of gas cost .10 cents

  • A loaf of bread cost .09 cents

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