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Steitz's Marina... For All Your Boating Needs

Boat Launch, Storage, Slips, & Maintenance

Over the years, our services have evolved to meet the needs of customers.  Whether you live or play on the "Chain", we can help you with your boating needs.  We offer both inside and outside storage for boats, other watercraft and trailers.  All storage is located on-site. 

Check out our great deals if you reserve your spot early!  Take advantage of our convenient, low-priced maintenance services to keep your boat running great.  

​If you only need a place to launch your boat or you want your boat taken out of storage, just give us a call and we'll get your boat ready for you!  We also rent pier slips annually on a first-come first-served basis.  Our loyal pier customers are always given the option to retain their existing slip if they reserve early.  For rates, see the price schedule below.  

For more information or to reserve a spot, call John at 630-248-2873

Summer & Winter Rates

Limited Summer 2023 Pier Slips Available

Pier Slip - $1125.00 (Does NOT Include Boat Trailer Storage)

In/Out Outside Yard - Launch Yourself- $850.00

Season Ramp Pass - $175.00

Launch Ramp - $20.00 / Per Launch

Boat Trailer Storage - $225.00

Winter 2023/24 Storage Rates

Inside Storage - $30.00/ft

Outside Storage with shrink-wrap - $23.00/ft

Outside winter storage without shrink wrap - $199.00

Shrink wrap and take home - $12.00/ft

Single Jet Ski Shrink Wrap and take home - $75.00

Single Jet Ski Shrink Wrap and Outside Storage - $150.00


Winterization – 4 Stroke Outboard / Jet ski - $150.00

W/ Oil/filter Change - $275.00

Add $30 for Gear Case

Winterization – 2 Stroke Outboard / Jet ski - $150.00

W/ Oil/Gear Case Change - $180.00

Winterization – Inboard / Outboard - $275.00

W/ Oil/filter Change - $350.00

Add $60 for Gear Case


Bottom wash no acid - $8.00/ft 

Bottom wash w/acid - $12.00/ft

Bottom wash tri-toon - $3.00/ft add on to w/or w/out acid


RV Winterization with end of the year pumpout - $125.00


All winterization is done by Worldwind Sports. 

Any other work will be quoted per job.

The 10 Commandments to winterizing your boat!

10% off for any referral


  1. What type of storage/winterizing are we doing?  Inside, yard or shrink wrap storage?  Winterize and storage or take home?  Do you need bottom washing? Do you need oil changed?  Engine and gear case?  Do you want to pay extra to add a moisture bag?  

  2. Stabilize the fuel on the boat.

  3.  Start engine and warm it up, run coolant through the engine to -32, Fog engine. (This is 100% guaranteed)

  4. Check oil in the gear case for the presence of water.  If the presence of water is detected, it’s an automatic gear case oil change.

  5. Remove drain plugs on the hull or pontoons if they have them and put in a plastic bag tied to the steering wheel.

  6. Disconnect the battery or turn the power switch off.

  7. Place completed checklist on the steering wheel of the boat.

  8. Put the cover back on the boat if needed.

  9. If boat is on a trailer, check tire pressure, condition of the tires and shot of grease will be applied to the wheel bearings.

  10. Send picture of completed checklist and virtual walk around video of the boat to the boat owner.                                                     

*** 15% Discount to all Active Military, Police Officers, & Firemen ***

For Further Questions Contact John @ 630-248-2873

Notice: No winterization, bottom cleaning, or service work is allowed on Steitz's property, unless Steitz's is performing the work. Thank you for your cooperation.

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